Comprehensive range of services for your cutting tool needs

We offer a wide range of services which includes

Resharpening and refurbishing of cutting tools

Our well-equipped facilities are able to cater for the resharpening and refurbishment of a wide range of carbide and diamond tipped cutting tools. Our extensive range of carbide resharpening and diamond erosion machinery enables us to resharpen a wide variety of cutting tool geometries.

With our milling, turning, tensioning and balancing machinery we are also able to refurbish and modify your tools to your specifications.

The quality of your serviced tool is our utmost priority. Our experienced service personnel will ensure that your tools will be serviced promptly with the utmost of care.

Tooling consultancy

We have worked together with some of the biggest furniture, flooring and building material manufacturers in this region in developing cost efficient tooling solutions that are able to meet their precision requirements. Our tooling solutions have been successfully implemented on the sophisticated machinery of various renowned vendors. If you have a new production line and would like a proposal for an optimum cutting tool solution that is efficient without comprising quality; or if you are having issues with your existing production line (low tool life or poor processing quality) and would like an alternative solution that solves your problem, then we are best placed to help you.

Pease feel to contact us for a consultation with no obligations whatsoever.