We offer a wide range of products that are able to meet the most stringent processing requirements of our customers

Circular Sawblades

We manufacture a wide range of AKE carbide-tipped sawblade stocks to meet the needs of our customer’s various processing requirements. These standard items consists of the common specifications used for the processing of timber and composite boards such as plywood, chipboards, MDF and, non-ferrous products such as aluminium.

In addition to the carbide-tipped sawblades, the high performance AKE Polycrystalline Diamond (PCD) sawblades are also available in standard as well as customised specifications. If the sawblade specification or application you are looking for is not in our standard catalogue, please contact us with your requirement and we will offer you a suitable design that meets your requirements.


Diamond tipped Cutters

Our customised AKE PCD Cutters are proven tools used by the furniture, flooring, cement fibreboard and other material processing industries.

For further precision, our PCD cutters can be equipped with hydro-sleeves to meet our customers’ most stringent tolerance requirements.

Please feel free to contact us with your requirements and we will immediately get back to you with our offer. Our in house team of application sales personnel, tooling design engineers and production specialists will assist in designing and producing a customised and cost efficient tool for your application.

Shank Routers

We offer a wide range of carbide and PCD tipped shank routers as standard stock. These routers include carbide tipped routers, shank routers in reversible tip or Turn Over Knife (TOK) design or PCD tipped shank routers.

For our carbide shank routers, we are able to offer the standard brazed-on tip design as well as solid carbide routers.

In the case of PCD shank routers, we are able to offer the standard Z=1+1 economical designs or the high performance customised routers used in CNC machinery.

If you have a special requirement, do feel free to contact us.


AKE Cutting 2.0 Products

As part of AKE’s global network, we are also able to offer AKE’s latest products featuring their Cutting 2.0 technology. Cutting 2.0 is a new cutting principal, with a fundamentally different approach to cutting. First incorporated into AKE’s Super Silent sawblades in 2013, it has now been incorporated into a variety of other cutting tools. Feel free to learn more here.

If you are interested to experience the benefits of AKE Cutting 2.0 tools, such as the ability to process a larger variety of materials with just one tool, longer tool life and superior finishing, contact us for an in depth presentation and an offer.

Dowel Drills

A wide range of carbide-tipped and solid carbide dowel drills are also available as standard stock items. These dowel drills are available for both “through” and “blind” hole drilling operations. These drills are mainly used for the furniture-making industry.

Our ex-stock specifications include the standard version for the low speed drilling operations to the high performance drills capable of achieving a through-put of 0.3 second per hole.


Grinding Wheels

We are a proud partner of Shinhan Diamond Industrial Co.,Ltd. and are a distributor of their high quality diamond grinding wheels

They are designed specifically for the resharpening of a wide variety of carbide tools from circular sawblades, carbide-tipped cutters, frame saws and finger-joint cutters.


Ancillary Products

To complement our core product groups we also offer other cutting tools and ancillary products such as, finger joint cutters, TCT thin planer knives, reversible tips or turn over knives, carbide & stellite tipped frame saws as well as high performance tool holders such as the AKE collet chucks.



We are the representative of ABM MAKİNE for the ASEAN region. ABM is the manufacturer of a wide range of grinding machines used in the resharpening of various carbide cutting tools, such as circular sawblades, bandsaws, planer knives and others.

We have been working with ABM for many years and we have built up a dedicated team of technicians that are able to commission and also provide operation and maintenance support for ABM machines. We are also able to conduct onsite training for our customers, sharing best practises in machine operation and maintenance as well as efficient tool resharpening practises.

Feel free to contact us for a recommendation of a grinding machine suitable for your application


We are also the agent for Schmalz’s Vacuum-Clamping solutions. Schmalz offers innovative and cost-effective vacuum clamping solutions suitable for securing various work pieces on to CNC machines. A wide variety of solution exists for the various CNC machine vendors involved in the woodworking industry. Schmalz’s solution caters not just for CNC machines that utilises a console table system but also systems that utilise grid and flat tables. There are also solutions to modernise older CNC machining systems as well as solutions for manual processing (using hand tools for instance).

We have on stock common vacuum blocks and accessories used by the woodworking industry. If you have a unique requirement, please feel free to contact us for a solution. You may also browse Schmalz’s official website for their whole Vacuum-Clamping range of solutions.